New Spring Decals Pt2


Feeling a little creative and need an individual touch.This new Love Mae design will have you feeling renewed and refreshed once you've added it to your home decor. Our Geometric sheet includes 82 patterned and coloured triangles and can be put together any way you like. From words and characters to patterns and shapes it is sure to delight all sorts of walls out there.

RRP $59.95 

Mini Butterflies Girly

Add a kiss of butterflies to any small space with our brand new 'mini' butterflies. A small pack full of colour, pattern and detail. There is definitely a reason we've all fallen in love with our best sellers mini counterpart. 

Stick on laptops, notebooks, lunch boxes, mobile phones, furniture, in your car and well, just about anywhere. Their cute size make them easy to use in almost any place you can think of.

RRP $14.95

Love Mae


  1. I love the "Love" decals and the butterflies...the difference in opacity really adds to the effect. Are you there raised off the wall or directly applied?

  2. Wall stickers greatly affect the beauty of one's wall. You should be creative in choosing the right decals for it.


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