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To show you, our lovely readers our appreciation for your support, we are giving you all the chance to win up to AU$290 worth of our lovely decals. Six winners will be chosen.

For your chance to win, email (or leave a comment on this post, but don’t forget to include your email address) with your answers to the following questions:

1. Which is your favourite of our designs? (Click here to see the whole range)
2. What would you like to see in our next range? (Subject, colours etc.)

Click here for prize options and more details.


Love Mae


    Favourite decals is the vintage cars - have it in my sons room.
    I would like to see some prints you can use in adults bedrooms - something classy and nice colours.

  2. 1.the dolls! especially spring and autumn
    2. a "high tea" theme doll dress up with cupcakes, teapots, big hats with flowers and pretty frocks, garden chairs etc!

    LOVE your stuff!! I have it all over my walls :)

    amber x

  3. My favorits are the birds.
    I would like to see a nice cage
    to put a bird in it !!
    Ans some clouds !


  4. love it, have emailed my answers, fingers crossed, and good luck to everyone

  5. I loooove the dolls but the trees with the animals and birds are so cute! It's really hard to choose which ones I like the best.

    I think the bird cage is an awesome idea.
    It also might be cute to have farm animals...Pig, ducks, cows...

  6. ? #1 the dress up dolls (LOVE THEM!)

    ? #2 More mustaches- maybe some men dolls with different facial hair

  7. 1. Ooh, the dress up dolls for sure! They would have been so much fun as a child!
    2. I would love to see something in a space theme. Something out of this world! Rockets and stars and planets and moons and all good things.

    belle [at]

  8. I've emailed my answer! Hope you like the ideas! xo!

  9. Ooh! Okay I love the clouds in Up Up & Away, and also the little birds in Twitters for Boys (the top hat!). I love the bold colours & patterns in your Boys line a lot.

    I am not 100% sure what I want to see next, but I think it involves ducks, sausage dogs or birdhouses.

    Hooray! Awesome ladies!

  10. The babushkas are so creative! But, I have to say my favorite is up & away. Just like a story book page on my wall.

    I would Love to see different food (with faces!) or kitchen items! Imagine how great Mae designs would look perfectly placed by a highchair or next to the stove.

  11. I really like the Up Up & Away....i want to decorate in this theme for our next child, which I am hoping will be a girl x

    I love to see either one of these two themes: vintage toys...balls, jacks and spinning tops or maybe big-top circus...elephants, giraffes, highwire walkers.

    My email is

  12. 1. I love the tea theme because I love tea!!:)
    2. What about some natural colours stickers? I am sure you would have some more costumers.

  13. 1. That's a tricky question. I love the forest critters the most, I think. Though I want to play with all of the designs.

    2. Vintage planes would be neat.

    A vintage office set up would be kind of neat, too: A desk with a typewriter, an old glass water dispenser, maybe a record player.

    A rain theme would be fun: clouds, umbrellas, lightning.

    A cityscape with buildings and cars (with headlights on) and planes that could be moved around.

    Thank you!

  14. 1. I love up up and away!
    2. Maybe, a decal of the different seasons. Winter, spring, summer, fall. Or constellations... I love the night sky! Or sailor girl/sailor boy nautical theme.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. my very favourite is the Up Up and Away!! Im plotting and scheming excuses to order it. Next season I would like to see a nautical theme!

    Pick me!

  16. I love so many...the trees, twitter, and the critters (boys and girls) especially!

    I'd like to see a wild garden with wildflowers, ladybugs and butterflies. Maybe slightly bolder colors. Just slightly.

    Love it all!

  17. 1. I love the twitters and all of the dress up dolls.

    2. I would love to see something pirate themed that aren't primary colored!

  18. Hi, I love love the Up, Up and Away, so cute!

    I think it would be fun to see some food related items, esp breakfast themed. WOuld be great for the kitchen.


  19. i am new to your blog and am in LOVE with your designs! my favorite are the dress up dolls - i am loving all the different, adorable looks and wish i had these clothes to dress myself! :)

    i think it'd be fun to see some type of growth chart. it'd also be great to see teepees, rainbows, bicycles, robots & circus animals...

    thanks for what you do!

  20. 1. My favorite from your collection is Oh Deer. It's so whimsical and sweet.
    2. I would love to see pastel-y coloured monsters of different shapes and sizes. They would be really cute and fun.

  21. I nearly had a heart attack of excitement when I saw this competition, having just spent half an hour swooning over your collection... My absolute favourites are the paperdolls, I want them so bad!!!!! And I thought it would be cute if you had a little book collection, pretty spines and open books and half eaten apples and a pair of glasses... And maybe a fishbowl... A little 'library' collection... I would die of happiness if you did that... oh oh oh I hope I win! (jumping up and down)

    p.s. I already have your twitters for girls, proudly displayed in my bub's room...

  22. it really all is beautiful, i want my girls to have several rooms each just so i can use them all.
    i love the forrest critters but i really have to say i love the tea time, maybe expand on this, more cakes and yummy things?

    i love all the colours its all so dreamy and whimsical, perhaps some flowers, on a vine? to go with the mushrooms, ohh i have lots of ideas, babushkas for boys, robots?

    contact -

    goodluck to everyone, im sure whoever wins will be just delighted


  23. okay, its me again i was just putting my daughter to bed and had an idea, i havent rea anyone else comments so i do apologise if someone has already suggested these.

    but what about the flower fairies (the ones you blow) dandelions (are they called that) you could have a silhoutte of a girl holding one and blowing (with pursed lips) and then little bits floating, =) hmm.. in all the vintage pinks etc, with maybe a few clouds?

    hope you like.



  24. My favourite is "Oh Deer". So beautiful

    Perhaps some more woodland animals,ie,hedghogs

  25. My favorite are Build the Trees with the animals and birds, so lovely.

    I'd like to see some more farm animals and some food items - maybe that will encourage my picky eater (15month old) to eat more!

  26. I LOVE the build a tree with critters and Tea time and Oh deer!! So awesome!! I love how the decals are all different patterns which makes it very interesting!! Your store was one of my 1st favorites when I 1st discovered etsy a year and a half ago =)I SOOOOO hope I win!! I have 2 kid rooms to do up and your decals would be fabulous!! A girl and 2 boys;) I'm actually in the middle of doing my boys room so this contest came at the perfect time!!! I'm still not done with my daughters room, she's 1:)

    I think I would like to see some nautical/beachy inspired items. For boy and girl:)
    Also some European flair would be awesome!!! Have quaint architectural buildings with french script and toile pattern, flourishes printed on the items. Trees with chandeliers hanging from them and a small bistro/picnic going on underneath =) Pocket book dogs would also be fun to add in... Yorkie, poodles, daschund, westies, bichon frise, papillon I would totally buy!!

    Also for boys maybe a British style of rock-n-roll, guitars, crests, lions, skulls, british flag all done with some fun prints on them....houndstooth, plaids, rugby stripes, I could go on and on=)

    Here's my email incase I win {please oh please}


    1. I love the Build a Tree and Forest critters best (closely followed by dainty toadstools.) They remind me of enchanted forests.

    2. Sea animals, blue whales and narwhals and starfish and seahorses. I had a sea themed room as a little girl and would have loved this. Otherwise, stars and constellations for the ceiling. Perhaps an owl in flight, silhoutted above.

  28. Oh my goodness! I love all of them. So very hard to choose. If I had to pick, it is between the dress-up dolls and the forest critters. I would love to see a sea life theme for the chitlins and some art nouveau flowers and patterns for the adults!!!

    My fingers are crossed ;)

  29. I love how you make your decals with fabric! It makes them so much more fun and interesting than the plain vinyl decals.

    My favorite of your current decals is the Forest Critters.

    I think that it would be fun to have some decals with a crafting theme - for sewing you could do a pair of scissors, a bobbin, a sewing machine, and a pin cushion; for knitting skeins, needles, circular needles, a project being knit... It also could be neat to have vintage, ornate looking picture frame decals.

    Please peek in my shop - I'm just getting started! It is

    My email is

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! Like "the Green Goat" my fingers are crossed!

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  31. I just love the tea time set!

    I think I'd like to see an adventure theme, with hot air balloons, planes, mountains, boats and maybe some adventure girls and boys with back packs, hats, maps and the like :)

  32. Oh, I know I've already entered but I just had another cute idea... A little luggage collection, with vintage suitcases and vintage travel stickers that you could decorate the suitcases with. Then of course some little bits and pieces that you would take traveling with you, maybe a vintage thermos, a favourite book or two, a teddy bear, maybe some items picked up on your travels (a ship in a bottle, a japanese fan...)


    A summer collection with vintage umbrellas and sun loungers, a cute tray with removable summer food and lemonade in a jug and glasses, vintage beach balls and bucket and spades, a sandcastle, ice-blocks.

  33. 1. Twitters (both for girls and boys).
    2. The birds with light purple and light blue: I really think they fit very well in a child bedroom!
    I love your fabric wall decals!

  34. 1. I love "creepy crawlies" the best - just the perfect gift for a friend's four-year-old son.

    2. Something ocean-themed would be very nice, with fish, octopus (octopi?), corals and so on. Or maybe fossils, such as trilobites and ammonites?


  35. So tough to choose! Everything's gorgeous!

    1. If I have to pick, my favourite's the Build A Tree with the Twitters! It'll lovely for any child's room - boy or green.

    2. I have a girl, so I'm leaning towards the girly stuff. I would love candy canes and cupcakes, cakes and cotton candy, sweets and ribbon rolls... mmm mmm. :)

    Cheers! Jo

  36. Love everything, but especially like the build a tree...

    Fruits/veggies would be cute but would also be cute to do a set of vintage skeleton keys or old library inspired might even be able to sneak some tweed in there! ;o)

  37. I am in love with your vintage cars.

    I'd like to see some more vintage themed decals for a 'big kids' (read - me!) studio/office - old suitcase, typewriter, books, trunk, vintage vase and flowers. Think it would divine. And I would buy it!

  38. ohhh, and can I please add to my comment above - an old vintage telephone. That would make the set complete.

  39. 1. I love the build a tree with the boy's forest critters. I can't wait to find out what I'm having so I can decorate our nursery. I also really love the paper dolls.

    2. I think an under the sea theme would be lovely, starfish, whales, coral etc. A Magic theme for the paper dolls and more neutral colors especially for the alphabet.


  40. the build a tree with the forest critters is on my wish list for my little boys nursery, so fingers crossed!!

    i would love to see a sea theme, for my older son's nursery- its hard to find something tasteful- everything is either too young, or pirate based...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff



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