Tuesday, 27 March 2012

'Follow the Bunny' Printable

We have a lovely freebie for Easter. Free printable bunny footprints! How cute!

Add some hype to your home when then that fluffy little bunny arrives in town. These free printables will have your children hopping along to reach their treats in the morning. Oh my goodness I can picture them now hopping along and the enthusiasm growing with each hop. Yipppeeee its easter time so very soon.

Step 1. Download

Step 2. Print on A4 paper

Step 3. Cut along the cut lines

Step 4. Enjoy these sweet bunny foot prints



  1. I love these! So cute!! I can't wait for easter now so that my little girl can follow these easter bunny footprints - collecting chocolate treats along the way. Thank you. xx

  2. Thank you,these footprints are so cute,:)

  3. Adore them, thank you for sharing your awesome design!

  4. Thank you so much for these! I was last minute searching for a bunny cut out design for tomorrow. My son has a beautiful tree wall sticker of yours on his wall so these beautiful footprints by you are very fitting. Thanks again!

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