Love Mae ♥ Ask Alice Stationery


My love for stationery need not to be explain. It is a burning flame in my heart that will never cease.
(That is as much poetry you will get out of me!)

I met Sass from Ask Alice last year and she is the sweetest person who shared a love for cacti.

Ask Alice Stationery is an Australian brand who provide excellent sustainable products. I think their four golden rules sum it up quite nicely.
- Keep production local and/or fair trade
- Use environmentally conscious materials
- Design with intuition and attention to detail
- Keep retail prices affordable

Check out more delightful designs here.

Emily x

Love Mae

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  1. oh my goodness, her designs are absolutely gorgeous! i, too, have an obsession with stationary - so her line will definitely be going on my wish list. thanks so much for sharing!


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