Its Chilly Out There!!

I'm not much a fan of winter I must admit. I try not to complain, I really do. Its just that the days are so short and if you find yourself without the right amount of layers it truly is very uncomfortable. The brain seems to keep reminding you ... constantly that you are cold. Now I've got enough going on in my head without this extra reminder.

Alas... I've found a positive for all this time rugged up inside. Pinterest. I know I'm not the only one out there addicted. In fact I'm usually the last person to work these things out.

Feel free to check out Em or myself's pages ... I imagine you too have more free time than usual given the season.

Peta x

Love Mae

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  1. ....I'm following you from the weather should be sunny and warm , but today it's a cloudy and rainy day...


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