Mother's Day Winner!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in our Mother's Day Giveaway competition, we were overwhelmed with warm fuzzies after reading all of the lovely nominations! The lucky winner of our lovely gift pack is Steph Don who was nominated by her wonderful friend Bec Rojers.

We just had to share a few of our other favourite nominations with you, we hope you enjoy reading about all of the lovely mums as much as we did...

"Oh what a mumma she is! So passionate about giving her kids the best life and raising such aware little people - who look after all people, animals and our environment every day through the way they live! You inspire me Hannah!"

- Beck Wolski for Hannah Lawrie 

"Hannah Lawrie Tagging you right back Beck Wolski! Your honest approach to parenting is so reassuring! Your big heart shines through your parenting and blossoms in your children. You are such an example for me xx"

- Hannah Lawrie returning the sentiment for Beck Wolski

"You are an amazing Mum in every way - you are so beautiful not only with your own girls but with mine too. You are loving, patient, honest and have a great sense of humour to get you through. Love you!"

- Amy Hambleton Joanna Hewson-Williams

"Most new mums need to learn what they are doing. But you? You were born to be a mum. You are such a natural. :) i think it's simply amazing how God has blessed you with such "mum-ness"

- Maddie Sta Cruz De Leon for Brooke Clibborn

"You watched me grow and learn to talk,
You caught me when I learned to walk.
You held my hand when I was scared,
You got rid of the monster under my bed.
You were there every day after school,
You drove me to dawn training at the pool.
So Mum, I really wanted to say,
You’ve made me who I am today.
Now it’s time to do something for you,
You deserve a present that’s perfect too." 

- Samantha Jane for Wendy Le Fevre

"Your children are so lucky to have you as a mum because you are always present in the moment with them, you give them so much love and your house is always full of learning and laughter! I am glad you are an aunty to my daughter! I hit the friendship jackpot when we met! You are a wonderful mum and I hope you win this beautiful pack, you deserve it. Love you Sista from another mista"

- Brooke Elliott for The Dala Gang

"Such a hardworking lady who somehow manages to squish soooo much into one day and still have a smile on her face. Her little girl is 100% a reflection of her and we feel so blessed having them both in our lives."

- Tamara Maree for Brooke Erin

love, gratitu"Thank you for sharing our wonderful journey in motherhood . Your caring and loving nature is always an inspiration . Very lucky to have you and your family in our lives"

- Caryn Brown for Katie Morschel 

" I nominate my beautiful sister Kate O'Shea, a single mum who runs her own business with a 16 month old baby and despite being so busy all the time her patience and spirit seem to know no bounds."

- Lucy O'Shea for Kate O'Shea

"I would like to nominate my beautiful mum Cheryl Buchanan. She is the rock to our family, the most selfless person, my best friend, my adviser, my comforter you name it!"

- Leanne Rowe for Cheryl Buchanan 

"I nominate my beautiful Mother and the sweetest grandmother in the universe, Kaye Pope. My Mum is a mighty and strong single parent, the glue that sticks us together, our rock, my ambassador & confidant, my teacher & tutor. You are nothing short of amazing."

- Rebecca Daz Adelberg for Kaya Pope

Love Mae xx

Love Mae

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