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Your store is a local favourite, it has such a warm and welcoming feel. Can you tell us more about the story of Bud?

Well, we never really planned on having a shop of any sort!
We had just gotten back from travelling around Australia for 6 months and my husband was looking to start some kind of business. I was 8 months pregnant at the time and realised there wasn't anywhere to buy a bonnet outside of Byron apart from Target. Having my own ethical issues with big chain stores I had the idea to open a store that sold reasonably priced, ethically made and sustainable products. So the idea blossomed from there and within a week we had signed the lease!

You’re a mother, what’s the best piece of parenting advice you have received?

The best piece of parenting advice I've been given would have to be... Confidence. Your child has to feel that you are confident in being their mother and knowing what's best for them. It’s not about being mean or hard with your child, its about being consistent with what you say so they know where they stand and learn respect for things and people.

Nathalie and her little love Coco

Is there anything you have swore you would never do as a parent but have found yourself doing?

For me parenting is all about learning and growing, so I try my hardest not to put judgments on myself or other mothers. Something that may have felt right with one child may not feel right with the next as every child is so different. My eldest was so stubborn and uncommunicative as a young child that we used to end up in huge fights, and I had to be quite strong and forceful with him but when my middle one came along he was so sensitive that if I even raised my voice slightly his face would just crumple and I found myself having to deal with him in a totally different way.

What do you think is the most important thing to consider when shopping for products for yourself or gifts for others?

I always look for quality and usability. Years ago I bought a skipping rope from a large chain store as a gift to put in a Christmas stocking and it was so cheaply made from plastic that it didn't even work the first time my child tried to use it. I think about all the effort, time and resources that gets put into things that aren't even designed to work, simply to make money for someone's pocket and it makes me sick.

What is the best part of your working day?

My favourite part of owning a baby shop is meeting the mum to be's and then meeting their babies a couple of months later when they come along! I love how babies just make everyone happy.

You’re lucky enough to be based in Mullumbimby , what’s your favourite thing about the town and it’s surrounds?

Oh where do I start..!? The cafes, the farmers market, the unique little shops full of local and unusual products. But most of all the amazing hinterland full of rainforests and waterfalls that lie just beyond. Whenever we go away for a few months, that's what my heart longs for.

Where do you eat when you've got an hour to spare that is walking distance?

The Green House Grocer is my favourite place for a quick super healthy lunch. Everything there is so fresh and their lunch bowls of bone broth stews and soups or yummy salads are only $6 which I think is amazing value. Some days I just want to take myself back to France though, where I spent the first 8 years of my life, so I head to Scratch Patisserie which really is just like something out of Paris!

And lastly, what is your favourite Love Mae product?

I just love all the Love Mae products but the 5 piece bamboo dinner sets would have to be one of my favourite gift ideas as they are stunning, practical for little ones and biodegradable.

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