Toddler Eats: Lunch Time with @myconfettilife

Lovely Amy from @myconfettilife, is a mummy to an energetic toddler and french bulldog owner from Melbourne who believes that everyday life is worth celebrating.

She caught our attention on Instagram with all of her lunch time meal ideas for her little one, Miss P. We have loved to see what she is making, they're just so great we had to share them with you!

But first of all we thought we would share Amy's thoughts on divided plates:

"Segmented plates are the best. I don’t know why but having the foods in there own little part is really appealing to Miss P. I think it makes the food more attractive and she enjoys looking at each little part. I always start with a “main part” of the lunch and then add some bits and pieces she can pick at. Finger food seems to work really well for lunch time. All of the things I serve at lunch she eats with her hands."

Naturally, we agree!

Ok now for some of her recipes, here are some of her lunch time favourites...


Tuna, avocado and mayonnaise sandwiches, cherry tomatoes, blueberries and sultanas, organix naughts and crosses.

Peanut Butter sandwiches, sultanas and pear, kiddylicious organic quinoa chips, tomato, avocado and lentil salad.

Free range chicken, avocado and mayonnaise sandwiches, naughts and crosses and cheese, cucumber, strawberries.

Some other sandwich filling ideas are:

  • Ham and cheese
  • Ricotta cheese with a drizzle of honey
  • Cream cheese with thin slices of cucumber
  • Peanut butter and sugar free jam
  • Vegemite and cheese
  • Peanut butter and banana or thin apple slices
  • Tuna, ricotta cheese and corn
  • Scrambled free range egg


Frittatas are great as you can change up the vegetables you put in them and they hold their shape really well when cooled and cut up for small hands. The one pictured is broccoli and feta cheese. Zucchini slice also works well.


Rissoles are perfect for little hands. Make a big batch for and freeze extras. Add in grated vegetables such as carrot and zucchini for an extra goodness boost.


Chicken and cherry tomato pesto pasta, peas and broccoli, organic soft popped corn, strawberries.

Cheesy broccoli and tomato pasta with crumbed chicken breast pieces, cheese, strawberries and avocado.

Some more lunch ideas:

  • Tuna/Salmon patties
  • Toasted sandwiches or wraps
  • Baked beans with toast
  • 3 bean salad
  • Mini pizzas on english muffins
  • Vegetable fritters
  • Savoury cheese and vegetable muffins
What are your favourite lunch ideas for your toddler? 

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And don't forget to follow her on instagram (@myconfettilife) to see more toddler food that she is making for Miss P.

Love... Mae xx

Love Mae

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