Oh to be Popular…. Wrapping Paper special

It’s only a small part of what we do here at Love Mae, but we love it. Wrapping paper is our secret obsession! Here’s 10 reasons why we love it so.

- You get to see our pretty patterns uninterrupted.
- Its great for crafting
- Can be framed and seasonally changed. We love change here at Love Mae.
- They are so pretty!
- The wrapping can be more loved than the actual present.
- Can be stored in the cupboard for when you need them.
- Makes for pretty drawer liners (Spray with your favourite perfume and voila!)
- They are big 495 x 700mm sheets
- There is so many choices for all the different personalities out there
- Are only $3.95 a sheet… actually way less if you get on our 10 sheets for $25 deal.

Love… Mae x

Love Mae

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