Bamboo Tumblers ... Now available in a 4pk!

Bamboo has officially stolen our hearts. We love the texture, the colours, the practicality... but most of all we love that they don't have an impact on our environment. How you ask? Well unlike Melamine (which never ever ever breaks down) our bamboo is biodegradable.

That doesn't mean it slowly falls apart on you! Because the quality is fantastic. It just means that come the day you decide that its had its day, you can just put it in your compost and know that it will biodegrade leaving no nasty plastics in the ground... or worst still in the ocean.

It was hard to let go of our melamine, but I must say that its a wonderful case of close one door and another one opens.

Our bamboo comes in 4 different designs in a three piece (Plate, bowl and tumbler) and two different choices in a 4 pack of Tumblers. All priced at $29.95.

Love ... Mae x

Love Mae

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  1. These are all so beautiful! I love the prints (especially the chevron).


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