Happy Birthday Love Mae... you are turning 4!

Hip Hip Horay.... Love Mae is turning 4 and we can't quite believe it!!

Now its not until the 1st of May, but we just can't help but get the party started early. Planned is a whole delightful series of giveaways and we hope that you want to join in with the fun.

1st Step... join our mailing list! And you will be in the running for a $1000 spending spree.
(You'll find the link on our website 'join our community' ...

2nd Step ... follow us on instagram (@lovemaestudio) and repost our image of our giveaway. You'll then be in the running  for a $500 spending spree.

3rd Step.... wait and watch your emails, facebook and instagram for a whole heap of fun throughout the month of May.

We can't help but love this birthday hype!!!


Love Mae


  1. Oh, how I long to win this giveaway. I am not able to follow on IG, as I don't have a phone. I am bedridden and spend my days in my bed. I have been wanting the Forest Critters - Girly or the Twitters - Girly to place on the walls around my bed. They are so lovely and bright and always make me feel happy and less worried about my cancer when I look at them online. I know that they are "supposed" to be for children, but this 50 year old wants to surround myself with Joy! And, the Birds and Branches give me Joy! I don't get to be outside, so I would at least feel like I'm in a beautiful outdoor scene.
    If you can ever offer a discount to me, I would certainly use it. Disability payments don't afford me many luxuries. I'll be praying to win!
    Hugs to all! ~ Karen

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  3. Did all ofthe above! The girls are huge lovemae fans


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Are you following us on instagram?