Happy Easter ... and a few things to keep the kiddies entertained.

What more could we ask for than a few extra days off to hang out and eat chocolate?? Well for those with children I know that sometimes a few extra days doesn't mean time to relax, if fact it can mean quite the opposite.

To help with a few 'distractions' head to our pinterest page and checkout our 'Easter' folder and our 'Craft your life Away' folder for come great time wasters for the kiddies. You'll find crafting goodness at all levels so you can do some with them and some projects they should be able to do on their own.

It might just give you the chance to sneak to their choccy stash for a top up of the sugar levels!!!

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you all have a safe happy holiday.

Love from everyone at the Love Mae studio xx

Love Mae

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Are you following us on instagram?