Friday, 31 August 2012

Love Mae in New York

It could easily be mistaken for bragging, but who wouldn't want to share the fact that we just returned from NY. In saying we've returned I wonder if we'll ever get our heart back. While the point was all business, you could just imagine that we still managed to slip in a bit of fun here and there. Seriously, who couldn't manage that in NY! We want to scream it out to the world all the amazing places we went, incredible shops we perused and parks we sat. Anyone who's been knows just how incredible it is. The most wonderful part, NY shows you the pieces only you are meant to see and therefore it becomes one of the most special places you could ever visit. 

And so the phrase 'I love NY' becomes a well known cliche... for damn good reasons. 

Emily and Peta x

Friday, 24 August 2012

Hello Sandwich

Hello Sandwich is my favourite paper crafting blog. Yep, my favourite!

She has brought out a new Japanese Craft Book! So much crafting goodness in one little book!

Check it out now! Here! 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sneak Peak

As a designer for Love Mae I am in the thick of designing at the moment. New products and new decals, its all very exciting! I can't wait for our new goodies to be released from now till the end of the year. 

In my excitement I wanted share a few of my fav new patterns. 
(I am currently in NY and soaking up all the inspiration I can get).

Emily x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

NY ... We will see you soon.

OK so my bags are packed and I'm working through my little list of things to do. But I just can't stop thinking that I'll be in NY soon.
For any of you that have been (or have the joy of living there) you will understand my excitement. There is no city like it in the world. I, like many, can't really put my finger on it. I do know one thing though, it is the most alive, positive and connected city I've every been too.

NY here we come.... that is Love Mae to your NY Gift Fair. (Booth 6414 if you are attending!)


Monday, 13 August 2012

We ♥ Marsha Golemac + Paper Crafting Competition!

You could imagine just how much more we loved Marsh Golemac when these paper art goodies arrived in the mail. We've been sidetracked with inspiration ever since.

This extremely talented lady is a stationery and homewares product developer by trade. She is also a paper artist/crafter, visual merchandiser, designer and sometimes photographer. Yep, could you imagine!

We knew she was amazing, but to hold and see these delights is unbelievable. The mix of technique and ideas has a hold of our hearts. Be sure to check out her amazing work on the Three Nations Blog.

In sheer celebration of Marsha Golemac's work we want to invite you to show us your paper crafting. And so begins our competition.

4 weeks of prizes! What paper madness!

To enter: Email a photo of your favourite paper creation to Bonus points are given to people who send us a tutorial on how they did it. Winners will receive a $50 Love Mae Wrapping Paper voucher.

** Rest assured you don't need to use our paper.

Entries for each week close the day before they are drawn.

1st winner drawn - 17 August 2012
2nd winner drawn - 24 August
3rd winner drawn - 31 August
4th winner drawn - 7 September

Winners will be notified via email and photo will be shared via facebook. No doubt we won't be able to help ourselves with a few sneak peaks along the way.

Friday, 3 August 2012


We love quotes at Love Mae. When I found five-words website I spent maybe a little too much time scrolling through the pages. Take a peek this Friday afternoon.

Five Words is the love child of two girls, with too many ideas and no spare time. The premise is simple. Bring a message to life in just five words, daily.

Em x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

30% off discontinued stock sale

We need your help!

Time to clear the shelves to make way for some exciting new goodies

Discounted by a fantastic 30%. Think Christmas presents and all the birthdays in between or quite simply buy them for yourselves. 

Beautiful  products at dramatically reduced prices, please do not miss out!

All Melamine on sale.

Selected Bedding on sale:
- Cot Bumper (Dinosaur Dreaming)
- Cot Sheet Set (Dinosaur Dreaming)
- Cot Fitted Sheet Set (Dinosaur Dreaming)
- Single Bed (Dinosaur Dreaming)
- King Single Bed (Dinosaur Dreaming)
- Duvet Cover (Chasing Dragons)
- Camper (Sleeping in the clouds)


* Only while stocks last

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