Love Mae in New York

It could easily be mistaken for bragging, but who wouldn't want to share the fact that we just returned from NY. In saying we've returned I wonder if we'll ever get our heart back. While the point was all business, you could just imagine that we still managed to slip in a bit of fun here and there. Seriously, who couldn't manage that in NY! We want to scream it out to the world all the amazing places we went, incredible shops we perused and parks we sat. Anyone who's been knows just how incredible it is. The most wonderful part, NY shows you the pieces only you are meant to see and therefore it becomes one of the most special places you could ever visit. 

And so the phrase 'I love NY' becomes a well known cliche... for damn good reasons. 

Emily and Peta x

Love Mae

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  1. As an Australian, I'm very proud that your lovely wall decals take pride of place in my daughters nursery in here in NYC! Glad you had a fabulous time x


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