Hey Maker!


Hey Maker needs your help!!

One of the most adorable collectives I've seen in a while, Hey Maker is calling for help. A truly giving and gifted bunch of woman (5 in total) are desperately seeking funding. They need to find a studio space and share their love... and their art and craft connections. Based in a town called Murwillumbah (which is very nearby the Love Mae studio in Stokers Siding) and we want to wish them the best for all their efforts. 

They are normally the givers and so hopefully this comes around to put a smile on their faces when we all help them get the space they need. At the moment they are calling for financial help so they can get started with their plans.... courses for the creatively inclined. You can help by going to Pozible Campaign to donate however small or large to their cause. You'll also find on this link alot more information about the lovely ladies and their aspirations. 

I think that every town needs a 'Hey Maker' ... a place where any age can sign up for a course of their tastes and learn in a space that is both nurturing and inviting. Hopefully when they get started this sort of thing rolls out to all the small communities out there. 

Love Mae

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  1. Thank you for your much appreciated support Mae, we just love your work xx .


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