Love Mae visits Hong Kong & China

In April we flew over to Hong Kong and China to see what the world has to offer Mae and what Love Mae could offer the world. It was a wonderful trip, beneficial on so many levels. Peta and I had a ball (while working hard) in each location.

While in China Peta and I were walking down the street. We walked past one of the many newspaper and magazine stands. We fell in love with this one magazine "
At the airport on our way back to Hong Kong Peta was looking over my shoulder as we browsed through our lovely new magazine. We suddenly squeal with delight as we find Mae in the magazine! I have to say that moment was truly special. It was an affirmation of why we do what we do and it was lovely to find that other people all across the world like Mae too.

If you can please read the amazing magazine. Its so delightful!
(This website is on the magazine but it doesn't seem to be working for me. But here is is just in case.

Love Mae

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