Love Mae turns 4!

From hard work comes love, well that is what we have experienced with Love Mae. We are so happy to have such lovely customers, you're support has been amazing. Birthdays always have us getting a bit emotional. Now not to hold you up in emotional speeches when you could be enjoying a freebie!
Yep we've become very partial to free things over the last four years. It might be because we feel like eternal uni (college) students. It could be because we are all firm believers that the best things in life are free.

Help us spread the love by sharing our website to a friend and receive a FREE downloadable birthday card. Yep the thought is really sweet... as is the card.

Click below and share away to your hearts content! I'm sure they won't mind at all!

Love from the girls at mae x

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1. Use a medium to thick card to print onto
2. This pdf prints 4 cards at a time. (nifty)
3. Place blank card in your printer and print the 1st page
4. Once printed flip the page or as per your printers instructions
4. Print the 2nd page
5. Cut out your pretty cards

Love Mae


  1. Without a doubt, Love Mae ROCKS the decal world!! Oh, and mini stickers, melamine dinnerware, wrapping paper and organic children’s bedding.
    With Love from The USA! ~ Jo

  2. Happy happy Bday LM! :) :)

  3. I love this blog, there are so many wonderful ideas that provide me so much of crafty inspiration!
    Happy Birthday Mae, can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  4. Happy birthday Mae, keep the loveliness coming!


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Are you following us on instagram?