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Mothers Day is just over two weeks. At Mae we love our mummy's. The gorgeous girls you see in our photography are Peta's daughters. I took the time to ask her a few questions  about what its like being a mum (seeing that I have not entered that stage of life yet). Enjoy an inside look at who makes mae :)
On a side note: How cute is Peta's family?!

1. What do you love most about being a mum?
I love that I get to be a child all over again...I love the excitement over the most little things in life. We wear silly dress ups, bake cupcakes and make a big mess, dance around the lounge room any time of the day, sing silly rhyming songs. I know you might be thinking you can do all these things even if you don't have children... but not the way you get to do it with little ones. You go out of your way everyday to make life fun.

2. Whats a handy piece of advice that works for your family?
I am the sort of person that really dislikes routine... in fact I usually rebel against it. My girls have taught me to embrace it. Balance and a little bit of routine makes monotonous bits like dinner and bedtime so much easier for everyone. My biggest bit of advice though is ... 'if you are happy, so are they'

3. What would you most like to teach your children?
To love and think with their hearts. I also would love them to truly and deeply know that everyone is different and that is what makes the world so beautiful.

4. How do you balance owning a business and being a mum?
Sometimes the balance can be so difficult to manage. In truth I work a lot at night when the house is all quiet. I choose to be there for them before and after school so I've got to make up the hours somehow... therefore my sleep can sometime be the last thing on the list. 

Emily x

Love Mae

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  1. Those girls are just too cute. What a lovely little family!


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