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I just love mini food jewellery.. aren't these so cute and delicious-looking? I probably shouldn't look at these while I'm hungry.. it's making me want to bake all sorts of pretty-but-unhealthy things. Which reminds me, I've got to go and buy Babycakes Covers the Classics - a vegan, mostly gluten free and mostly sugar free cookbook full of wonderfully delicious looking things! It is part one of my attempt to give up sugar - I couldn't possibly give up baking! - Bec

Love Mae


  1. where did those tiny macaron earrings come from!??!!? (email me I'm dying to buy those as I heart macaron!

  2. Hi Stacy, I emailed you but it bounced - the link is

    I also recommend searching etsy as there were macaron rings and necklaces, in all different colours and sizes! Good luck!


  3. I love mini food anything. Jewellery, felt pieces, name it and if looks like a pretend food (especially a cake, doughnut, pizza or burger) I am loving it :)

    Love your decals too!


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