New York, New York

New York... need I say more? Those of you that have been there will be nodding your heads in agreeance... for those that have not - believeme  when they say it is a special place unlike no other. Although it was a business trip, all work and no play - well, who can deny that there is always play in my work? Especially when I have two little girls to shop for..

While I was in New York this time I managed to call into a few stores who have our decals and I have to share this one with you.. 'My Little Sunshine' located on 177 9th Ave New York City (Chelsea). It is an adorable store with the most amazing collection of delights for the little ones! Make sure you say hi to Tara and Rob if they are there... no doubt you will agree with me that they are as beautiful as their store.

Peta x

Love Mae

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  1. Ah, I've just come back from NYC too...isn't it wonderful :)


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