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Have a look at this pretty "Love Message Bottle" by Telegram. Use one or more of the scrolls enclosed to write your most valuable thoughts. What you write is only limited by your imagination. Write on one of the scrolls and leave an empty scroll to see if you get an answer.

Perfect for birthdays, thanks, celebration, best wishes and expressions of love.

On a personal note. By best friend / ex-house mate just moved to Melbourne last weekend. (I live on the Gold Coast.) I miss her terribly and I am going to buy one of these, write on the scrolls, wrap it up in bubble wrap and post it to her. I think she will like it.

These lovely bottles are for sale in our little shop in Stokers Siding, NSW, Australia for $14.95

Emily x

Love Mae


  1. I gave several of these at Christmas with tiny little shells in the base.

    One was for Cpt. V which I submerged in sand at the beach on Christmas morning and had a 'How Do I Love Thee' note written inside.

    The other I gave to my parents with a Thank You note for all that they do and have done for me.

    I have another smaller one in which I'm going to write a note of thanks for someone who has truly helped me.

    And then [in true Goldilocks fashion] I have a teeny-weeny one [smaller than the length of your pinky finger] which I'm keeping for something special - perhaps I'll leave it in the surf at Noosa and see if anyone finds it and replies?!?

    Felicity x

  2. Very nice and inspiring. I will keep it in mind.


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