Kids Instyle Melbourne 2010

The Life/Kids Instyle tradeshow in Melbourne was fantastic, as usual. We managed to fit in bit of shopping for our poor neglected store, which was fun and so necessary. If you happen to be passing by Stokers Siding, NSW, in a few weeks time, you must drop by. Though I'm not sure anyone really "passes by" Stokers Siding, it really is a lovely drive!

Anyway, here are a few of my favourites from the show - there were more, of course, but these were the ones I managed to get pictures of. I especially loved newcomers Page Thirty Three (see last three images) with their super-cool wooden milk crates and giant 'tea' bags - for your bath! But I couldn't go past their vintage theatre style light boxes (see that box that says 'circus now open' - you can change the letters to say what you like!). These guys are definitely ones to keep your eye on.

Love Mae

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  1. oh how gorgeous. your stand looks fantastic!! well done.
    Clare x


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