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We have been big fans of Charlotte Carr for quite some time, she really can do it all! She balances her time being a mother to her delightful boy Willow, an actress, voice artist, presenter and now Author and Holistic Health Coach! We can’t get enough of her nutritious (and delicious) recipes and neither can our little ones!

 Wonder woman Charlotte with her beautiful boy, Willow. 

Super family! Willow, Charlotte and her talented husband Wes Carr. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself in 25 words or less? 

Im a mother, wife and lover of life. I love nature, food, music, good conversation and I wont say no to a good organic wine.

How did your BubbaYumYum food blog come about?

My little man Willow was born with some serious gut issues and has sensory
processing disorder. I was told really early in the game that he was to avoid all dairy
gluten and grains to help heal his guts and work on a gentle low inflammation diet. I
went online and couldn't find one site that had loads of free, fun and interesting
recipes for kids… I created Bubba Yum Yum and the rest is history.

We believe that food nature’s medicine, can you tell us why is it so important to really consider your gut health and the affect it has on your nervous systems?

Basically our gut is our second brain. They are connected by an extensive
network of neurons and our gut can inform us as to weather we are hungry,
experiencing stress, if we've eaton the wrong thing. We need to listen to our gut to
understand if its feeling sluggish or tired and we need to create a harmonious
environment in there in order for us to thrive. We want easily digestible foods in their
true form. Mother Nature provides the very best foods, in the most beautiful colours.
We are so lucky.

Can you share with us your favourite recipe for Willow?

He has sooo many… He truly loves the chicken nuggets. With loads of aioli.

Have you ever struggled getting him to eat healthy food?

I was lucky in that I had no choice but to make sure he was eating nutrient dense food from the get go. My gorgeous fellow author and friend Helen Padarin is an incredible Natropath and
Nutritionist and she always encourages families to include fermented foods early in a
child's life. Not only will these food provide an array of enzymes and bacteria, but it
also opens their palate up for beautiful sour notes. Willow now loves olives and
capers and anchovies. Its awesome .

What’s the best piece of parenting advice you have received? 

Its none of your business what anyone else thinks and always choose the path of least resistance.

Is there anything you have swore you would never do as a parent but have found yourself doing?

Oh lord yes. EVERYTHING… I have had the most humbling experience.

And lastly, what’s on top of your Love Mae wish list?

I just brought my girlfriend the Bear and Deer plates and had buyers envy!!
but for Willow I want the ABC POSTER. How adorable is it?

Some of Charlotte's delicious creations...

Photography: Katrina Barr

Head to the below links to check out more of her great recipes!

Love Mae

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