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Moms who want the baby’s gender to remain a surprise until the stork arrives are often plagued by mind-boggling dilemmas when it comes to the nursery look. Fret not! There is a simple solution to this interior designing woe: by outfitting your little one’s room with gender-neutral furnishings and accessories, you will stay on the safe and stylish side of nursery décor without breaking the bank. Executing the nursery in a neutral palette is simple if you know your colour wheel and styles – and if you do not, you can pick a few useful cues here on how to achieve a charming kid’s room that will work for both girls and boys.

Etched on white: A gender-neutral classic

White walls will create a perfect backdrop for a gender-neutral nursery. A monochromatic colour scheme inspired by minimalism will render a clean, cosy feel to the room and expand the space visually, but if you want to add a bit more hue to the nursery, you can use tones such as brown, grey, beige, and olive green as accents. These hues will work well with both genders and they allow you to keep updating the décor with more grown-up pieces as time goes by. Carefully selected secondary and tertiary tones will add a touch of classic elegance to the room – just use dark hues sparingly to avoid excessive contrast and potentially gloomy feel!

A classic nursery: Vintage furnishings for comfort

Vintage furnishings such as armoires, cots, armchairs, and nightstands will not look out of place in a nursery: in fact, they will add a note of old-school nostalgia to the room and create a sense of classic ambiance for your bundle of joy. Oversized storage chests, rocking chairs, closed-back shelving crafted from solid wood are both durable and elegant, so your child will be able to use them when they grow up. In addition to visual appeal, vintage pieces can be paired with gender-marked accessories such as bed linens, pillows, as well as curtains, area rugs, and sofa throws in a range of pink or blue nuances.

Something old, something new: Dare to be different

If you do not have enough furnishings to execute the nursery in comprehensive vintage, you can try experimenting with old-and-new furniture combos. An old-fashioned brown armoire will pair nicely with dusty muted bed linens, while a minimalist writing desk will look at home next to a retro kid’s bed with elaborately engraved headboard. Similarly, the battered toy chest from your childhood days will add a quaint, playful feel to the modern nursery décor, and so will an old-fashioned cot from your family heirloom or a convertible wooden high chair-come-walker. Additionally, you can pair some playful vintage curtains, with carefully chosen custom blinds and shades to get that perfect combo of old and new that will be the perfect fit for your nursery.

Playful and fun: Add a personal touch to the nursery

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