Thursday, 21 October 2010


The downloadable paper found at now has smaller, bite size file sizes.

If you had problems downloading our patterns before you can now pop over and it should now load a lot faster. If there is still a problem, and you are not able to download the patterns please try right clicking the link and 'save as'. If you are still having trouble, please email me at as I would love to figure out what is going wrong.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Limited Edition Mae Christmas 2010

Enjoy an eco friendly Christmas this year - no plastic trees allowed!

Decorate windowsills, walls or your love mae “Build A Tree” with some add-on decorations.

Those with little space for a Christmas tree will enjoy our version - it doesn’t involve chopping one down, and not a spiky plastic pine leaf to be seen! And the best part - when the holidays are over, just take off the candy canes and baubles and you can enjoy this charming tree all year round.

Remember, love mae wall decals are made from reusable adhesive fabric, so they can also be stuck back on the sheet and put away for next year.

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Friday, 15 October 2010

 Danielle from The Style Files recently posted pics of her new bubba Kick's room, which feature our stickers. Doesn't it look amazing? She clearly has an eye for stunning feature pieces - can you believe that lamp is from Ikea?

I love how these next two incorporate our decals into painted scenes.. the Twitters look so sweet perched on the white picket fence. Thanks to Jennifer McCartney of Coco Design for sharing!

These photos were sent to us from Nancy Manders, who says of her gorgeous nursery:

"I adore LOVEMae Decals and had them in our 2year olds nursery surrounding his cot, but am now relocating them into the new baby’s nursery. I love being creative and enjoy taking on various projects, so decided at 39weeks and 4 days pregnant, to get out my paint brushes and paint some white trees onto one of the walls, and then placed the gorgeous LOVEMae decals as accents on my artwork. Coincidentally I also transformed the ‘frilly’ bassinet into a more tailored version by making a blue band and bow for it AND to bring the colours together, just completed at 40weeks and 3 days pregnant.... the ‘Ducky’ cushion on the chair. I love how everything is slowly coming together. I have many more projects I am wanting to do in the nursery but they may just have to wait!"